Easter tour diary

The iDrum Easter tour visited Shrewsbury, Canterbury, Southampton, Eastbourne, Ipswich, Cambridge, Norwich and Bromley finishing up with a live show in Colchester. Thanks to everyone who came to see us over the nine days – you are amazing and we had a great time. Dan’s away now until July so see you in the summer.

iDrum Live Show – video 1

iDrum Live Show – video 2

Europe tour

The iDrum February tour of Europe took in Amsterdam, Hannover, Berlin, Prague and Munich.


We had a great day in Shrewsbury. Thanks to Aaron of Painted Life productions for this impromptu interview.

Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

Happy new year! I hope the start of 2013 has been a good one, it has for us.

iDrum went first to Cambridge on the 3rd:

Then to Canterbury on the 4th:

And Bromley on the 5th:

Thanks to all the people who uploaded videos and photos to YouTube and our Facebook page.

Each day was a lot of fun, and very hot! (in the animal costumes). Loved being joined by ‘Aslan’ & ‘Nelly’ this Christmas holiday!

Fan Video from Wales

Big shout out to Dominic Gilbert and Sheri Hall who posted the following video…

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