Entertaining the nations.


Street drumming in the major cities of the world. Making people dance as they go about their daily lives.

Proud to be making history in our home town of Colchester, as the first live music in The Playhouse since the 1970s and the first live music EVER to perform on the roof at The Bull.

iDrum exists to entertain, make people go “haha” / “wow”, and generally knock your socks off.

iDrum started in September 2011 when Dan Abbott and a friend played at a church fête in the middle of a field for 10 minutes. Three months later, on December 10th, iDrum played on the streets for the first time in the centre of Chelmsford in Essex, Nearly everything went wrong (Dan forgot his wallet so couldn’t pay for parking, the two mile push with all the gear etc), but they played for about two hours attracting huge crowds and loved every second.

Since then iDrum has travelled the UK, playing on the streets as far north as Edinburgh, as far south as Southampton, as far east as Clacton and as far west as Swansea, and a whole load in between.

iDrum use well known tracks as part of the show and, thanks to the tweets of onlookers, artists such as Owl City, Ellie Goulding and Olly Murs have seen our videos.




Dan is the leader and creative director of iDrum.

Dan Abbott @DanAbbottDrums

Other drummers who have been involved in this exciting project include:

Ben Cutting @benjamincutting
Ben Lasky @BenjamninLasky
Dan Mills @Millzyboy28
Dave Hill @_Dave_Hill
David Sugden @d_sugden
Gareth Thompson @Gareth_Drums
Jake Moore @Jakels9
Jono @JOnabowu
Michelle Tennens @MichelleTennens
Rich Nolan @drummer4rent
Tom Key @TomTomm93
Tristan Wuyts @triswuyts

Not seen iDrum yet? Watch the video below of a day out in London (by TimeCodeCartel).